3 Signs You Need a Brake Repair at Your Nissan Dealer

When you drive, it’s important to know that your brakes are in good condition. You may need to stop with little warning, and good brakes make all the difference. Your braking system depends on a wide variety of parts, and in time these parts can get worn or damaged. As your Nissan dealer in Salem, OR, we can help when you need a brake repair. These are a few signs that your brakes may be failing.

Burning Smell When You Brake

Your braking system depends on brake fluid, which exerts the hydraulic pressure that causes your wheels to slow and stop. When you step on the brakes, pressurized brake fluid is forced into the brake hoses. The pressurized liquid can get hot, and the longer your brakes are applied, the hotter the fluid in the hoses will get.

If you’re riding your brakes, for example, you’re driving downhill, the brake fluid can overheat. This is particularly a problem if your brake fluid is old and needs to be changed. Overheating brake fluid produces a hot chemical smell. If you smell this, pull over ASAP and allow your brake fluid to cool. Brake fluid that overheats can start to burn. Braking will become difficult until the fluid is replaced.


Glazed Pads

When you use your brakes, the brake fluid exerts hydraulic pressure on the brake calipers and forces them to close. These calipers close on the wheel rotors and produce friction that stops your wheels. The calipers contain the brake pads that generate the needed friction. Some drivers have a habit of riding their brakes, and this can damage the brake pads.

When you ride your brakes, the pads are forced into constant contact with the wheel rotors. This contact damages the rotors and also turns the surface of the brake pads smooth. This smooth or glazed surface makes braking more difficult as the pads don’t generate friction anymore. Glazed pads will need to be replaced as they aren’t safe.

Leaking Brake Fluid

As we’ve seen, brake fluid is essential for your braking system to work. The brake fluid is stored in the brake fluid reservoir, next to the brake master cylinder that controls the system. If you have a fluid leak, your brakes will become less responsive. Brakes that can’t immediately respond when you need them make driving very dangerous.

A leak can be difficult to spot, as the fluid is light amber. It can leak from rusted brake lines, worn brake hoses, or damage to the fluid reservoir. Our technicians will find the leak and repair it.

If you have any brake problems, call us immediately at Nissan of Salem.

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