3 Benefits of a Nissan Repair at Your Nissan Dealership

When you need a Nissan repair, you’re investing in the future health, reliability, and safety of your car. Like any investment, you want it to pay off. For any repair, you have the choice between your Nissan dealership and an independent repair shop. As your Nissan dealer in Salem, OR, we’d like to show you the benefits you receive when you have your repair completed by us.

The Right Training

A technician’s skill and knowledge make the difference between a perfect repair and a bad repair. Our technicians undergo extensive training, and they’re certified by Nissan. Their training gives them a complete knowledge of how to repair all Nissan makes and models. They also build up extensive practical experience, as we only repair Nissan vehicles.

If you choose an independent mechanic for your repairs, their training and experience are very different. A regular mechanic won’t have the specialized training from Nissan. They also won’t have the practical experience with repairing Nissans, as a regular mechanic works on a variety of different makes and models every day. This lack of experience with Nissan can lead to possible mistakes and repairs taking longer.


The Right Parts

Our parts store has an extensive inventory of parts for all the makes and models we have available. If a part is needed that we don’t have in stock, we can order and receive it very quickly from Nissan. To ensure that any repairs are completed to the highest standard, we only used genuine Nissan parts. These parts are identical to the ones that were used to build your car.

Independent mechanics won’t have immediate access to parts as we do. They usually order replacement parts only when they need them. It is also unlikely that they will have genuine Nissan parts available. Most repair shops will off you generic replacements rather than genuine parts. These parts may be cheaper, but they have a shorter lifespan than the original parts. They are also not designed specifically for your car, and this can lead to future problems.

The Right Records

When you have repairs completed by us, we maintain a permanent record of your car for you. This record lists your vehicle service history and any repairs that have been completed. The service history is also available at all other Nissan dealers should you need repairs when yure out of town. A comprehensive record of your car history is also an asset in the future should you decide to sell your Nissan.

An independent repair shop won’t keep a full record of your car. Repair shops will keep a copy of the invoice for repairs, but that is usually all the record they’ll maintain. To compile a record for your car, they will need to search through their invoices.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose your Nissan dealer for all your repair needs. If you need any repairs, call our service department at Nissan of Salem.

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